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E-Colors Staff & Student Development Training Programmes

MWB provides coaching courses in E-Colors. Tried, tested and developed over 10 years within the highly demanding Oil and Gas Industry E-Colors can be applied to any place where there are people working together.

Coaching through the E-Colors in the education sector. MWB brings you all its specialised understanding of your needs to great advantage in the educational and training arenas.

E-Colors workshops have been delivered to representatives from schools as well as the whole school community in the USA, India, Thailand, UK, Dubai and Australia so far and the response has been excellent.

Celebrating E-Colors at E-Cole.

"A Parent’s response to E-Colors"


 “Parents were treated to a wonderfully enlightening and yes, ‘colorful’ experience in school this Tuesday. It was a celebration of the uniqueness of who we are at the E-Colors Awareness Workshop by Mrs. Maren Wilmott-Borberg. Through interactive exercises and group discussions we held a mirror to ourselves. We came to realize that while there is a palette of four ‘COLORS’ within each of us (each representing different personality traits) we are individually characterized by predominant ‘primary’ colors that define our communication styles, traits and behavioral patterns.

The Personality Diversity Indicator points to the fact that we do not act and think in the same way and so it becomes important to understand and respect the uniqueness of those around us as well. This enhances our effectiveness as communicators in every aspect of our everyday lives…at home and in our workplace. It is important to exploit our E-Color strengths, work on our potential limiters and turn them around to our advantage. For us, as parents, this awareness helps us understand the individuality in each of our children as we listen, observe, respond and communicate with them as unique personalities.

The afternoon was spiked with some light moments as Mrs. Maren guided us through this color-coded journey of discovery with her delightful sense of humour. ‘Do  unto others as they would have it done unto them was how she summed it up, as the 3.40 pm school bell sounded out the end to an insightful session (which we all hoped would have been a little longer!)As a ‘Blue-Yellow’ Mom, I went home enriched and better equipped to understand and communicate with my very special ‘Red-Yellow’ Daughter!”

Mrs. Shalini Luniya, Mother of Devika Luniya (Grade 12.2)  Ecole Mondiale World School, Mumbai, India.


 Maren held a workshop in November 2010 for the staff and parents of The Children’s Garden Schools in Dubai, a tailor made multilingual pre-school catering for students 2-6 years old from over 40 different nationalities.

The challenges faced by a school where not only the student body but the teaching team is totally international are immense. We hoped that E-Colors would have a huge impact on teaching and learning styles within the school.

The E-Color workshops, one for the staff and one for the parents, led by MWB Consultancy, exceeded our expectations. The competence, conviction and knowledge about the subject, and the ability to convey that to the delegates was very powerful, and has had an enormous impact on our school and the parent body. We will definitely be taking the next steps with MWB to further explore this fascinating and powerful area of personal development.

Birgit Ertl, Director, The Children’s Garden Schools

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